Content editing improvements in Drupal 8

Jul 13, 2017
The power of content at your fingertips with Drupal 8 improvements

It’s no news that content is the most important part of today’s web. Unique, fresh, and useful content is the key to getting the most desirable search rankings, the most loyal customers, and the highest level of conversions. So it is especially nice that that content is getting easier and easier to work with. Effortless content editing has become one of the priorities in Drupal 8, alongside mobile friendliness, web accessibility, etc. Discover some of Drupal 8’s content editing improvements that will give you this huge power at your fingertips.

Drupal 8 content editing improvements

  • CKEditor (WYSIWYG) is included in core

Talking about content editing enhancements in Drupal 8, it’s impossible to forget about CKEditor, which has become the new default content editor. It has almost anything you could expect from an online editor, and whatever it doesn’t have can be added by means of various plugins. For example, we have discussed adding enhanced link-building tools to CKEditor.

CKEditor for Drupal 8 provides clean markup, pasting from Word or Google Docs, drag-and-drop functionality, and more. Among the coolest things created by the CKEditor team for Drupal 8 are the ACF (Advanced Content Filter) and the CKEditor Widget.

The WYSIWYG CKEditor is part of the Drupal 8 core, so you no longer have to find and install it. Hurrah! However, you are still free to  select any other editor in the “Text formats and editors” administration page.

A WYSIWYG is included in Drupal 8 core
  • You are the one to shape your toolbar

Just a convenient text formatting toolbar would not surprise anyone. But in Drupal 8 you have more! You are the one to decide which buttons you need and which ones you don’t need. Shape your “Active Toolbar” to your liking by easily adding or removing buttons with a special drag-and-drop interface. The available HTML tags will be automatically updated by CKEditor. For example, if you select the “italic” feature, the <i> tag will be added immediately to the list of tags.

  • Inline editing in Drupal 8: making corrections on-the-fly

Here is one of the most exciting Drupal 8’s features for working with content. Since doing everything on-the-fly is often a necessity today, Drupal 8 lets you quickly edit your content by hovering over the needed piece of text. It’s done on the same page, with no need to go to the administrative interface and trying to remember what you just wanted to edit. You can also easily edit image captions, quickly add images, and much more.

Inline editing in Drupal 8
  • Additional niceties in content editing enhancements

Other novelties include a simpler administration menu, a handier preview feature, an easier management of website users and their permissions, the "Save and publish" and “Save as unpublished” options, and much more.

  • Content workflow initiative for Drupal 8

Thinking about content editing as a priority for Drupal community, we should certainly mention the Drupal 8’s content workflow initiative started by Dries Buytaert. Its aim is to bring work with content to the next level by doing a set of useful enhancements related to content moderation, preview, archiving, revision history, etc.


Take the best from good content, as well as from the opportunities that Drupal 8 offers for quick, productive, and enjoyable editing processes for content editors. To get any help, extra features, or move your site to Drupal 8, contact Drudesk developers who are always by your side.

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