The power of Drupal 8 for your business | Infographic

Jul 03, 2018
the benefits of Drupal 8

Isn’t it time for your business to make an impressive breakthrough?

Let it go up to space like a Falcon rocket, so that everyone can view it with admiration! But can your website be its driving force? Is it built with a platform that supports space flight? Here is one that is very close to that — the innovative Drupal 8! Its irresistible benefits inspire more companies to upgrade to Drupal 8 or even switch from other CMSs.

drupal 8 for website

Drupal 8 benefits for your business

Grab the giant mobile audience

The 8th version of Drupal has everything out-of-the-box for providing mobile users with a seamless experience. It has been built around a mobile-first philosophy. Drupal 8 makes it easy to build fully responsive websites, all elements of which magically adapt themselves to any device screen. You can also develop native mobile apps.

Expand your reach to more countries

Drupal 8’s multilingual opportunities are amazing. They will let you gain more customers across the globe using the power of languages. Drupal 8 has built-in modules that let you easily add languages and make everything translatable. Over 100 languages, including ones with RTL text direction, are supported. Ready made interface translations are a special bonus.

Win more customers with great site speed

Drupal 8 is designed to let your site fly fast. This is due to its flexible approaches to caching, awesome built-in caching modules, and a special novelty — the BigPipe. Its essence is to never keep your users waiting for entire pages to load, they see the unchanged elements immediately.

Integrate with other systems

We are living in the era of third-party integration. Payment gateways, CRMs, iOS and Android apps are just the beginning of this endless list. Thanks to Drupal 8’s built-in web services, your site will easily integrate with any imaginable systems or applications.

Try exceptional interactivity

An incredibly hot trend is to combine Drupal 8 with JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular. These combinations are “explosive” — they allow you to enrich sites with exceptionally interactive features. “Duets” like this are easy to create due to above-mentioned Drupal 8 web services.

Enjoy easy content editing

Content editing in Drupal 8 is especially convenient. This is due to opportunities for inline editing without leaving the page, easy image resizing, embedding and reusing various types of media, managing blocks and layouts, responsive admin interfaces, and more.

Get new features deployed quickly

With Drupal 8, you can be open to changes and enjoy them quickly. Deploying new features between the development, staging, and production environments is now hassle-free. The new configuration management system in Drupal 8 allows you to easily import and export changes with the help of files.

Adhere to standards and reach more users

Let your website be convenient for people with disabilities who may be in your audience. Drupal 8 highly respects web accessibility standards. It uses WAI-ARIA practices, obligatory ALT text to describe images, better contrasts, underlined links, HTML5, and more to meet them.

Get better SEO rankings with HTML5

Drupal 8 supports HTML5 — the newest version of the Hypertext Markup Language. Its cleaner structure, as well as new semantic elements, make it easy for search engines to understand what your pages are about.

Save a lot on future upgrades

Drupal 8 can bring you significant cost and time savings on future upgrades. It adopts the principles of continuous innovation and backwards compatibility. Thanks to these, upgrades to Drupal 9 and further promise to be incredibly easy.

Final thoughts

Let your business make a breakthrough — come to the modern side! Upgrade to Drupal 8, jump to Drupal from another CMS, or get a new amazing website by contacting our experienced developers.

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