Drudesk website support service: we turn 1 year old!

Apr 06, 2016
Drudesk website support service: we turn 1 year old!

If websites could have their own holidays, they would celebrate April 6. And they would have a party to show off their shiny new features, flawless performance and updated looks. Because no one takes care of sites and understands them better than Drudesk support service, and today is its birthday!

Exactly one year ago on this sunny spring day, the drudesk.com domain was registered — and that marked the beginning of a great story. We couldn’t imagine at the time how far the story would go.

Today, we have almost 50 employees in offices in 3 Ukrainian cities (Lutsk, Lviv, and Rivne), and are still planning to grow. Customers come from many different countries. A year ago it seemed like an impossible ambition. And now it is reality!

drudesk team

Drudesk: a little rewind of our memories

First Drudesk was a team consisting of a just couple of guys within InternetDevels Drupal development company. We took care of InternetDevels projects that had finished their development phase.

drudesk team

But then we started finding our own customers who were happy to entrust their Drupal websites to experts able to take good care of them.

Websites needed bug fixes, new functionality, CMS upgrades, audit and many other services. We offered it all and we were not afraid of small tasks. That’s what many clients were looking for.

Now, we have more than Drupal but also Wordpress. And we do not just support websites but also create our own small projects. We have more than ambitions but also great achievements.

Always feeling the support of InternetDevels

InternetDevels founder Leviks became our SEO, one of its leading Drupal architect Tibezh became our CTO, and its experienced project manager Andrew now deals with customer issues as Senior Customer Service Manager.

Ivan Tibez

We are here, sharing the office and the “intellectual space” with InternetDevels. We hold lectures and discussions together to learn about all the latest Drupal trends. And we can always consult each other whatever Drupal issue comes up.

We also sponsor and visit big Drupal events, as well as take part in organizing InternetDevels’ own events.

Happy birthday to us! Time to celebrate...and then go back to polishing our skills!

As the saying goes, “In the morning, mountains, in the evening, fountains”. We know how to work hard, as well as how to celebrate. A great birthday party is waiting for us! And then, without pausing, we are driving the next morning to ConversionCon UA, a unique website optimization conference by InternetDevels. As we have said, we cannot miss anything that could help make websites better.


So wish us a happy birthday and drop us a line ;) Be our birthday guest! We will be glad to talk to you, as well as take a look at you website.

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