Drudesk 2016 wrap-up — infographics

Dec 29, 2016
Drudesk 2016 wrap-up — infographics

It’s a good tradition to wrap up the year sitting by the fire and looking at the Christmas tree. 

For Drudesk, this tradition is just beginning! Founded in April 2015, we now have our first full year — from Christmas to Christmas — to look back on.

Drudesk 2016 wrap-up — infographics

So, 2016 has been the year of:

Increasing the number of projects to 140 from 60 in 2015. More than a twofold growth shows us that customers really need website support, and trust Drudesk to do it.

Increasing the number of fulfilled tasks to 7000 from 1200 in 2015. This sounds impressive even for us —  and we are hard to impress. Come on and impress us even more! We are ready to handle any tasks, whether big or small.

Upgrading websites to Drupal 8. With the release of Drupal’s new version, more customers wanted to upgrade their websites to it. So Drudesk got more work, doing website upgrades from Drupal 6 and 7 to Drupal 8.

Introducing 24/7 support. A real support service will come to the rescue at any time! Drudesk can now be next to you on a round-the-clock basis, and quickly address critical errors on your website.

Making over 60 commits on drupal.org. Our developers have been especially active with such modules as Encrypted fields user, Jivosite, Imagefield default alt and title, Commerce order status background, Bootstrap, Commerce Payeezy, Edit section, Email notification developer, Ubercart SKU Price and many others.

Establishing a special day for employees’ self-development. You know, developers do not just develop websites, but also develop themselves! We have created a special Free Developer's Day totally dedicated to self-development and new ideas.

Expanding our reach throughout the world with a particular increase of European customers. We already had customers from various corners of the world, and this year our reach has been growing with a focus on Europe.

Becoming still more experienced and ready to take any website support challenge. To paraphrase a popular meme: we fear nothing — we are website support! Come on and try to scare us with a task of any complexity. We are sure we can handle it and make your website shine!

A great year is coming to a close, let the new year be even cooler for everyone!

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