Happy birthday, InternetDevels, from your child!


A little more than half a year ago, our parent company InternetDevels congratulated us on our 1st anniversary, saying “dear child, your are growing incredibly fast!”. Yes, we are, dear parent, for you to be proud of us! And now it’s our turn to rehearse a happy birthday song. Congrats on the 9th anniversary to InternetDevels from Drudesk! And happy birthday to the founder of both companies, Leviks!

Children always want to get independent sooner. Here’s why Drudesk website support service quickly grew from a team within InternetDevels to a full-fledged affiliated company.

However, not all children can sincerely say their parents are COOL. Just admit, in many cases, children think their moms and dads are very nice but a little old-fashioned. You don’t want to discuss gadgets and technologies with them, right? ;) In our case, discussing technologies is what we do regularly. Our parents are really cool, we can definitely say that! Let’s see why.

Modern and progressive parents

InternetDevels development company is always on the cutting edge. Drupal 8? No problem! There are great developers who know it well and work with the newest version of this fantastic CMF, make commits to its core, organize Drupal 8 classes for students, etc.

Something beyond Drupal? Easy! InternetDevels have added the incredible WordPress to the list of their technologies. Ah, what powerful web, desktop, and mobile apps it lets create!

Parents who are always ready to give good advice

Our shared code-sprints, discussions and conferences are a wealth of knowledge. Besides, whenever there is a need for a consultation or help in finding the wisest, the most efficient, the fastest solution to a complicated case, we know we can always count on InternetDevels guys. It’s great that a website support service has its own support and a strong shoulder to lean on. 

Parents who are an example in everything

Though Drudesk has been gaining popularity across the globe really fast, there is no limit to perfection. Looking at our parents InternetDevels, we feel proud, and want to be ”faster, higher, stronger”! We strive to become as famous, recognizable, respectful and experienced as they are.

So happy birthday, InternetDevels, and happy birthday, Leviks! New breath-taking heights are waiting to be reached. Be overwhelmingly successful!

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