Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Apr 23, 2020
digital marketing strategies to grow your startup

Every day, new companies and new startups are launched in the world.

Only some of them become successful. Why? It's not because they provide poor services, but because no one knows about them. They cannot get out of the shadow of large companies. Effective digital marketing is important for these startups. And since startups often have limited funds, they should use these funds for growth that is as exponential as possible.

In this blog, our Drupal development firm tries to explain why you need to do digital marketing. Especially now, when there is a difficult situation all over the world. 

By the way, we want to support every business, so we switched to a new model of work. Now Drudesk divides building and custom. And this means that you will get the finished result twice as fast as you’ve received before.

Why is digital marketing important for startups exponential growth?

Since the Internet has taken over the whole world, your business must be on the Internet in order to be successful and to capture more customers. And the best way to promote your business is digital marketing. Digital marketing is worth it because it is cheaper than television or print advertising and allows startups to develop actively.

Your startup may have a cool idea and a product that appeals to a large number of people, but if you do not have a clear digital marketing plan, only a few people will buy it..

Your startup needs to be developed. There are various strategies to do this. Today we consider the most effective marketing strategies to grow your startup so as not to scatter your attention.

7 of the most effective strategies of digital marketing for startups growth

1. SEO

If we are talking about digital marketing, the first thing that comes to our team’s mind is SEO. You cannot develop your startup without it. SEO optimization is about how to increase your search results in Google.

Raising your search engine rankings directly means increasing your sales. That's because now the Internet has become the most popular platform for business.

Before buying something, people look for information about it on the Internet. You should work for SEO first, so SEO will work for you later.

What exactly does SEO include? There are many points, but today DruDesk wants to focus your attention on the following three:

  • First of all, you should set up keywords. These help users find your startup on the Internet. The keywords should clearly match your business. For example, if you sell flowers in Chicago, then it might be the "Chicago flower shop" or the "the best flower shop in Chicago."
  • The next step is the optimization of the loading speed. The faster your site responds to a customer’s request, the greater the likelihood that this user will become a customer. Do not make people wait. They already may not be sure whether they should buy, and if the site takes a long time to load, they may take it as a sign of bad things to come and cancel their purchase.
  • Another component of the SEO is the use of video, audio and photo content. All this attracts users` attention, so do not forget to enrich your content with this material.

SEO is the foundation of everything. You should make every effort to configure the site for SEO. By the way, since we recently switched to a low-cost model for project execution, we offer high-quality execution of your requests twice as fast. Consultation from our SEO team will be the best decision for you.

Bonus: 5 best SEO Tools For Startups

  1. Google Analytics – Gives you the opportunity to analyze data of website traffic, the channels visitors come through, generating custom reports on a website and even more.
  2. Ahrefs – Finds broken links on your website which you need to fix, does keyword research and analyzes your competition.
  3. Majestic SEO – Lets you get a detailed analysis of your competitors, their website structure and SEO. 
  4. Content Optimizer – Analyzes any site content and provides you with statistics and recommendations concerning optimization. 
  5. Raven Tools – Has a mixed blend of SEO, content marketing, PPC and social medial tools.

2. PPC marketing (Google AdWords)

Pay-Per-Click is a strategy that promotes your business through advertising. You pay for clicks on your ad. This is the best option to announce your new business to a large number of users.

After all, the first thing you need to conduct a successful business is customers. Therefore, this is a good strategy, and it will help you gain a target audience.

Google Ads is considered the most reliable source of advertising. People trust Google, so they will follow the link to the advertisement.

Pay-Per-Click can be hosted on multiple platforms such as: 

  • on Instagram
  • on Youtube
  • on Facebook
  • on Twitter
  • and other social networks

When you create Pay-Per-Click, the main thing to remember is that advertising should contain keywords that accurately describe your business. Because you will be found by people searching keywords, do not forget about them.

pps marketing

Bonus: Pay-Per-Click Tools For Startups

  1. Google Ads Editor – Has almost everything you need for ads editing and optimizations.
  2. Google Ads Performance Grader – Gets you the analysis of Google Ads account in one minute.
  3. Google Ads App – Gives you the opportunity to do fast ads using Android and iOS
  4. SEMrush – Selects keywords that are best used when creating ads.

3. Content Marketing

The next equally important strategy is the content of your site. This is what tells about you and your product, encourages you to buy more, or completely disappoints potential customers. 

The content of your site should be high quality — it should be useful and facilitate the purchase. Any website should have a blog.

What should be considered when creating content for a site?

Good content must be original content. Think about whether your blog is successful and describe your startup correctly, clearly, and interestingly.

Content is a way of communicating with your potential customers. Our advice is to make content that you would like to receive yourself — only then will your startups get exponential growth.

Bonus: Effective Content Marketing Tools

  1. Grammarly – Checks your content for grammatical errors and suggests making the necessary changes.
  2. CoSchedule – Helps to control your content marketing, plan and promote it.
  3. MonsterInsights – Track the analytics of your content in the form of graphs. It gives data about your site’s performance or about your audience.
  4. Ubersuggest – Looks for keywords for your content marketing strategy.

4. SMM

SMM stands for social media marketing. It has been mentioned several times that the Internet has captured the majority of the world's population. Therefore, social media is not only a place for friendship and posting photos while on vacation, it is gradually turning into a great place to promote a business.

Today your startup should have pages in various social networks. This is considered the norm and it really can help. After all, social networks are a popular place for generating customers.

social media marketing

Bonus: Top SMM Tools

  1. Buffer – Plans to publish content immediately on many social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.
  2. Tailwind – Simple and convenient planning of your content for the social network Pinterest and Instagram.
  3. SocialMention – Tracks and measures the performance of your company, product by categories like Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.
  4. Just Unfollow – Helps to find and increase the number of followers on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

5. Website Design

Not all of our colleagues include web site startups design in the top major strategies for helping startups experience exponential growth. We believe that the web design of your site occupies a very important place among the strategies.

The fact is that your site is the first place users get acquainted with your product or services. First impressions do matter.

You should not forget about your web design. We have repeatedly talked about the impact of design on download speed and SEO search.

Therefore, do not forget that the site of your startup should have an appropriate web design and at the same time be optimized for search.

Bonus: Tools for web design

  1. Photoshop – Application for changing images and creating web graphics.
  2. Canva – Creation of various designs according to existing templates. You can create everything you need, i.e covers, posters, presentations and much more.
  3. Coolors – Generates a color scheme for your site.

6. Email Marketing

It’s not without reason electronic marketing is among our list of effective digital strategies for promoting strategies.

How does it work?

When people go to your startup page and interact with the site, you need to ask them to fill out forms where they need to write an email or phone number to get access to some information.

Subsequently, you can use their addresses to write emails with various offers. Your main task is to get the addresses of potential customers, then to be able to do mailings for them. In turn, the mailings will be able to attract new customers for collaboration and spark the exponential growth of your startup.

Bonus: Email Marketing Tools

  1. Sendinblue – builds personalized emails and newsletters with a drag and drop builder.
  2. Mailchimp – Automates sending emails such as welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders and more.

7. Video marketing

Video content is at the peak of popularity and attracts the most attention.

Video marketing can be used to send any message to your customers. Through the video, you can talk about your company, announce discounts or news, succinctly submit new material and much more.

The video will help you increase brand awareness, increase sales, and engage your customers. Use this tricky strategy, but remember to optimize your video content.

Video marketing

Bonus: Best video marketing tools:

  1. Biteable – Creates and edits video content. Has built-in templates.
  2. Animaker – Makes different types of animated videos. It is the best and largest animated library in the world.
  3. Filmora – Video creation app is especially useful for those who record videos for YouTube.

Now when you already know about the most effective strategies, it's time to understand what benefits they can give you for your startup's growth.

6 main benefits of digital marketing for startup growth

  1. It provides a better understanding of your customers
  2. Digital marketing is cheaper than classical marketing 
  3. It allows you to control the level of conversions
  4. It increases your brand awareness
  5. It makes it possible to engage more online people
  6. A site with your startup will get more traffic

Final Thoughts

Today, the DruDesk team explained how digital marketing helps startups experience exponential growth. We have shared with you 6 effective strategies that help you to promote your startup. Remember that in order for your startup to bloom, you should share it with as many people as possible.

If you are the owner of a great startup idea, we will be happy to help you develop it or advise you on this matter. The biggest plus for you is that you can save money as we switched to a low-cost web support approach. Our developers are high efficiency so you get your project twice faster than before. Therefore, if you have any questions, just contact DruDesk Drupal support services.

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