Why are digital product catalogs important in retailers' sites?

Mar 04, 2021
Digital product catalogs in retailers' sites

Everyone who works in the field of sales has probably heard about digital catalogs for retailers' sites.

And today, they are really necessary for those who want to develop and cover more clients.

An online product catalog solves many of your business problems. In addition to the fact that it will be much cheaper than creating and launching a printed catalog of your products, it will also give access to your product to everyone from all over the world.

In short, today, the web development company will prove to you that launching a digital catalog for your retailer’s site is worthy of your investment! Let's get down to business!

What are digital product catalogs?

A digital product catalog is an online catalog listing your products. In addition to the fact that the catalog contains the name and image of the product, your customers can also see information there about:

  1. product features
  2. short product description
  3. availability
  4. product dimensions
  5. price
  6. customer reviews

and more!

digital catalogs

Why is a digital catalog for a retailer's site better than a PDF?

It may seem to you that creating a PDF is better than bothering with creating a digital product catalog - but it’s important not to jump to conclusions. 

Yes, a PDF from afar resembles a product catalog, and it is a free option. But it does not perform all the functions assigned to it, namely to generate more customers and sell more goods. Remember that PDFs are not a shopping format!

1. PDFs are the last point!

In marketing, you have to think one step ahead in order not to lose a customer. It's like fishing. First, you need to catch a fish, but you also need to keep it on the hook.

Even if your clients like any product from the PDFs catalog, they won’t take the next step because there are no clickable call-to-action buttons or quick opportunities to make a purchase.

2. PDFs are not for eCommerce

We're not saying PDFs are bad. We just want to convey to you that PDFs are completely unsuitable for eCommerce sites because they do not lead to any further actions.

3. PDFs are not engaging

A PDF is perhaps the most boring and driest way of presenting the information. Only after converting your PDFs into an online catalog format can you create the most engaging shopping experience for your visitors and customers.

Why is a digital catalogue for a retailers site better than a PDF?

Why does your business need a digital catalog?

Over 69% of business owners have already decided to switch to the online product catalog. If you think about which business can use the electronic product catalog, there are many options.

Anyone who sells products needs to create a digital product catalog to stay accessible to buyers.

Product catalogs are useful for:

  • your buyers
  • online store owners, regardless of industry
  • those who want to enter the world market
  • resellers

A function such as creating online catalogs is relevant for everyone.

6 reasons why you need digital catalogs for your retailer's site

1. Highly accessible 

By creating a digital catalog for retailers' sites you create unhindered access for clients from all over the world. It is super convenient for your customers because they can revise it whenever and wherever they please. Your clients no longer need to carry a printed catalog around that can be easily lost. The only thing they need is access to the Internet.

2. Convenient navigation and search 

Digital catalogs are a convenient option because they provide the maximum ease of use and product search. Their best feature is that your prospective customers can filter products according to different categories and quickly find exactly what they want.

3. Fast product ordering

When customers browse your digital catalog, the buying process is reduced to just a few steps: click and add it to order, then complete the checkout process at their own convenience  — that's it.

4. Easily updated

If your prices change, or discounts for various goods appear, then all you need to do is enter new data into the database. Everything is done simply online. As a result, all new data will be automatically updated to your users.

5. Costs saving

If you think that creating a digital catalog is a costly affair, just think about how much it costs to publish a printed version of a product catalog. You pay for the creation of a digital catalog for a retailer's site once and for the reissue of the paper version every time.

6. Get key customer data

After distributing your online product catalog, you will be able to get data on how long each user views each page, how often your catalog is opened, etc. By analyzing this data, you can create the best offers for each client — offers they cannot refuse. In short, you customize the approach as much as possible.

why you need digital catalogs for your retailers site

Create your digital catalogs for retailers' sites with Drudesk's web development agency!

The main rule for eСommerce website owners is to make the buying process as easy as possible because most buyers make a decision emotionally. Creating a user-friendly digital catalog for retailers' sites is one of the options for effective marketing.

Putting catalogs online gives you a competitive advantage. Create catalogs more quickly with the help of web developers and web designers from the Drudesk.

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