How much will it cost to build a website with Drupal?

Sep 12, 2019
Cost to build a website with Drupal

Let's say you want to build a digital platform with Drupal, but are wondering what the average cost to develop a website is. Drupal is a highly scalable open-source platform that provides numerous capabilities and functionality. Although this CMS is free to install, you still have to pay for the development process or custom modules development. What’s the price? It all depends.

Find out how much will it cost to build a website with Drupal.

Stages of Drupal website development

Discover what stages are necessary to build a Drupal site from scratch.

stages of Drupal wensite development

1. Project analysis and planning

Contact a web development agency and explain your specific needs and requirements. After the detailed project analysis, specialists will plan the development process and identify what Drupal modules need to be installed to meet your needs. Modules are the extensions that let you broaden the website’s functionality and add features. Sometimes it might be necessary to develop new custom modules created specifically to fulfill your requirements.

2. Estimation and agreement

After the plan of the Drupal website development is created, specialists estimate the scope of work, the average time to develop a website, and the pricing. Drupal development cost depends on the type of platform you need, as well as what features and functionality you want to add.

3. Design and development

First of all, web designers create UI and UX for the website. After that, the Drupal website is developed in compliance with security, high performance, and mobile-friendly principles.

4.Testing and deployment

Once the website is developed, QA specialists check everything on a test server and fix any bugs or errors. After the customer approves the final product, the Drupal site is deployed to the production version.

Drupal team

Prices for Drupal website development services

Cost for building a Drupal website differs according to the type of platform you need:

Company Website

$2,000 to $10,000

Key features:

  • several pages, such as the main page, about us, services, contact us, blog, testimonials, etc.
  • a logical roadmap
  • easy navigation
  • multilingual feature
  • social media integration
  • a mobile-ready version
  • chatbot

eCommerce Website

$5,000 to $55,000

Key features:

  • several pages, such as main page, products, testimonials, contact information, guarantees, etc.
  • content management capabilities
  • integrations with third-party services
  • customer checkout, shopping cart, and a wish list
  • responsive design
  • multilingual feature

One-Page Website

$1,000 to $10,000

Key features:

  • responsive design
  • clear call-to-actions
  • easy-to-use contact information
  • wisely structured elements


$3,000 to $9,000

Key features:

  • various topic subsections
  • search
  • contact information
  • social media integration
  • featured posts


$2,000 to $12,000

Key features:

  • social media integration
  • responsive design
  • contact information
  • high-quality images
  • testimonials
  • services

Media Website

$10,000 to $25,000

Key features:

  • several web pages
  • video and audio integrations
  • social media integration
  • contact information
  • privacy policy

Educational Website

$15,000 to $45,000

Key features:

  • multilingual feature
  • multisite
  • live chat
  • news and events
  • contact information
  • third-party integrations
  • about
  • social media integration

Each additional functionality or feature means additional expenses. For one, a business website might include 10 pages, while the other one will have only 3 but include such additional features as multilingualism, third-party integrations, etc. As a result, the cost for the second site will be higher, because you pay for functionality, not web pages. There are also expenses you can’t avoid, such as SSL certificate, hosting, design solution, SEO, and more. You should agree on pricing with your solutions provider before the development process.

Create a website with Drupal!

As you can see, there is no definite answer about the average cost to develop a website on Drupal — it all depends on your specific requirements and the functionality you want to see in the final product. Every project is unique and requires a specific approach and estimation.

The cost to build a website with Drupal is estimated according to an hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours spent on a project. Don’t forget about additional expenses for website support and maintenance, SEO services, SMM, advertising, and more. Contact Drudesk to discover the cost of your project!

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