ConversionCon UA, the First Offline IT Event in Ukraine, Dedicated to Website Conversions

Mar 31, 2016
ConversionCon UA, the First Offline IT Event in Ukraine, Dedicated to Website Conversions

Can you hear the echo that is resounding around the world of website promotion? It’s one more thing that gives ConversionCon UA its unique novelty among IT conferences.

In the area of marketing, new ways of increasing online sales are being developed and introduced. and this will be the focus of ConversionCon UA, an event which will be held on April 9, 2016. The schedule is focused on introducing efficient conversion tools, building new strategies, theory and practice of website sales enhancement.

The main mission of the upcoming conference is to show website owners and marketers how they can turn a website into a perfect business tool. This is the reason why this event is of such great interest to companies that are working with various aspects of website optimization and deal with diverse issues that their clients encounter. The Drudesk website support services company is one of the sponsors which is actively involved in the process of organizing the event; the InternetDevels website development shop is its leading organizer. It is expected that many secrets will be revealed by the experts, and this is certain to facilitate the emergence of more effective websites in the near future.

About ConversionCon UA

ConversionCon UA is the first, dedicated to website conversions, offline IT conference in Ukraine, hosted in Lviv, nation’s IT-capital. Event brings together the best marketing and SEO specialists, analysts and business owners to share insights and experiences on a range of IT topics including conversion analytics, SEO, marketing to increase conversion, internal marketing and conversion for B2C and B2B.

Business owners, marketing specialists and experts make every effort to get more customers. The information they receive at this conference regarding new technologies definitely has the potential to spell the difference between ultimate success and failure, including such topics as:

  • onboarding, combining usability and design;
  • web push messages, which have just begun to take over the marketing and sales world;
  • the development of mobile apps, which must not be underestimated in terms of increasing the level of sales.

There is no better way to improve your service than being a guest at this upcoming conference. Why? At ConversionCon UA you will be able to expend your range of knowledge as well as get new ideas from SEO experts, who will share their thoughts concerning SEO, macro- and micro-conversions and web-analytics. You just can’t miss to visit it!

During the course of the event you will be involved in two sessions of marvellous reports, and you will be able to enjoy exchanging impressions during coffee breaks, and then relax at the afterparty. Everything you like at the first offline IT event in Ukraine, dedicated to website conversions!

ConversionCon UA is well worth attending, for all who wish to increase their sales, to make their marketing strategy more effective, and to analyse its results accurately. So put this on your calendar, and don’t miss one of the most exciting April occasions!

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