Drupal 8 contributed modules in June

Jul 04, 2016
Drupal 8 contributed modules in June

We have already described contributed modules for Drupal in May. Today, we will tell you about contributed modules for Drupal 8 in June. We hope this article will be interesting and useful for you. Enjoy!

  1. Libraries API. This module integrates Drupal modules, profiles and themes with external libraries. With the help of Libraries API module, handling external library dependencies that can be shared across multiple extensions is not a problem anymore. Libraries API users can ease the process of upgrading a module that requires an external library, share the same library within many modules and websites, and classify libraries as well as detect library versions.
  2. Menu Block. All features that are not available in Drupal 8 core can be added with menu blocks, which provides configurable blocks of menu links with advanced features. Additional configuration of the Menu Block allows you to expand all menu links with children or to root the menu tree to a specific menu item. With Menu Block, it's possible to create a block that displays menu trees starting with any level and going to any depth.
  3. Zen. Zen is a new, effective, HTML5 base theme with CSS elements and a responsive design. If you are going to build your own Drupal theme, Zen is a perfect choice for it. This theme contains lots of helpful code comments regarding JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and Sass.
  4. Display Suit. Display your content the way you’d like it to be seen with drag and drop interface. Display Suit allows you to arrange your views, comments, user data etc. without working with tones of template files. When you update this module you won’t see the search functionality anymore. Instead you’ll see Search API pages, which are easy to work with.
  5. Better Exposed Filters. The Better Exposed Filters module creates a smooth and easy user experience. For this developers added new functions to its previous version. The Better Exposed Filters module replaces single- or multi-select boxes with radio buttons or checkboxes. Here you can add Description fields and Select All/None links to exposed filters. You can also expose those filters to the user, so they can sort and filter the content themselves.
  6. SMTP Authentication Support. This module is very advantageous, since it allows you to send email directly to an SMTP server. The module supports SMTP authentication and connects to servers using SSL if supported by PHP.

If you have upgraded your website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, using these modules will make your working process easier and faster. If you have any questions or requests, Drudesk team will help you with any Drupal issue and update your website.

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