Content Marketing: A New Way to Have Your Content Optimized for Google

Mar 17, 2016
Content Marketing: A New Way to Have Your Content Optimized for Google

Have you ever thought about the key points of good quality content?

When you run a blog you want readers to spend more time on your article, check out other pieces of writings on your webpage, and of course, share some of them on social networks. The question is — how? Today we’re going to talk about which factors the most famous search engine pays attention to.

What Google Considers Quality Content 

Google states that “their site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find ‘high-quality’ sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content”. Too much advertising, not enough text, a lack of inbound hyperlinks or duplicated content may all be reasons for Google to label your content as “poor”. But by playing by Google’s rules you can effortlessly raise your profile!

Readers should trust the information given on the webpage. They usually trust it more if your content is written by professionals who know the topic inside out. Try to write on original topics readers will be interested, rather than choosing those that rank high in search engines. Correct spelling and an appropriate style will reflect whether you, as the web-resource owner, really pays attention to customers’ desires.

When optimizing content for search engine also don’t forget to provide broad and comprehensive descriptions of the topic, deep analysis and captivating information. Make sure the article you write or post on your web page is worthy in case the reader wants to bookmark it or share it with friends and colleagues.

Concentrate on Your Domain Google’s Semantic Search

If you run your own business, you definitely know some things that are unique to it. Outline these points! It will help you not only write good quality content, but also keep your readers engaged and curious. Find a one-of-a-kind niche, then discover which blogs are popular within your target audience. This will help you focus your content marketing efforts.

Google is trying to figure out the content of pages and to show those that answer multiple questions that the searcher may have. So, you should generate high-quality content that fulfills several possible search queries and make it easier for Google to pick up on details about the topic. Keywords, links, and anchor text are now less important than rich and informative articles.

Legitimate SEO Best Practices

Website content optimization strategies like linking to other relevant posts within your blog, using accurate keywords within headlines and anchor text and tagging and categorizing your content are vital, but useless without newsy content now. If you post good content that fulfills the requirements outlined above, you will have both high rankings in search engine results and lots of readers.

What important tips about content strategy should you take home?

  1. Create rich and informative content.
  2. Find your domain.
  3. Generate long content that fulfills several possible search queries.
  4. Don’t forget about simple but effective SEO practices.

Follow our tips, optimize website content and your customers are sure to love your web-resource!

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