Great templates for consulting websites to increase sales

Oct 07, 2020
Consulting Website Templates

There are many variations of consulting websites.

If you are a business owner, it is important to always follow the newest information and changes in the world of business to make your website better than your competitors.

If you make your website attractive and user friendly it is more likely that users will come again and buy something. So it is important to work on the design of the site.

Today our web support company takes a look the best consulting websites design templates.

What is a consulting site?

A consulting website is a business site. Consulting websites provide information about a consulting firm. On such a site there are several main pages:

  1. A homepage, where you put information like a short blurb about your business, metrics about the success of your business, number of successful consulting cases, number of satisfied clients, etc.
  2. Services page, where you post all the information about the services you provide.
  3. About page, which should be information not only about your company, but also the people who work there.
  4. Contact page, which should include all the contact information.

How to make a consulting website?

Making a consulting website is not an easy task. Here are some main tips:

1. Concretize your value

It is important to explain to users what your main goal is and what services you provide. For example, in the first page of Drudesk you can see the sentence “We provide Drupal website support,” so users who visit our site can understand what service we are providing.

2. Make a user-friendly website design

The second thing which you should do is to make a user-friendly interface. User-friendly means it is created with the user in mind. This site should have, for example, a fixed menu which is always visible, clear navigation, contact information and social media all located so that the user can easily find them.

3. Post client-focused content

To attract users to your website, deliver informative and client-focused content. To be honest, not a lot of users will read text where you just offer your service and don't share any other useful information. Post content that will solve users' problems and help them. For example, if it's about process management consulting, post an article about how clients can improve their business processes.  This will help you to attract more potential customers.

4. Put a call-to-action button

Put a call-to-action button on your website. This will help users easily click on it, and move to the page, where they can contact you or take another action.

5. Start building relationships through your website

Make on your website a page with contacts, or put in the page footer information about your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, as well as a number and email. Thanks to social media, you can get additional traffic, you can also use pages on social media for service support or visibility.

6. Legitimize your business

Do all you can so that users trust you. Provide different photos, case studies, logos from companies you're working with, and so on.

7. Keep your site fresh and SEO-friendly

Try to post your content regularly. Choose, for example, two days in a week when you will post articles in blogs. Also, optimize your website to make it SEO-friendly, so search engines can easily find you and put you at the top of the list.

Best consulting websites design templates

There are so many ways to design your site, but let's discover some of the best consulting websites templates:

1. Consulto

Consulto consulting websites design templates

Price: free

With the Consult theme, you can easily create a website for your business. It uses the latest technologies to ensure the best performance. It is created in such a way that it raises your potential to an all-time high.

2. Counselor

Counselor Consulting Website Templates

Price: free

Counselor is a remarkable website template, which will give your website a professional look. It supports video, parallax effect, sticky navigation, call-to-action, animations, testimonials.  

3. Accounting

Accounting Free Consulting Website Template

Price: free

Accounting is a free website template, which is suited for accounting business. But, thanks to flexible and highly adjustable web-design, you can also use this site canvas for other professional intentions.

4. Uza

Uza Consulting & Coaching Website Template

Price: free

Uza is a free website template that will help you sort out your web space in little to no time. You can avoid building the look you want to rock on the online space. Uza ensures a distraction-free experience for both mobile and desktop users. It is also speed and SEO optimized, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible.

5. Negotiate

Negotiate Consulting Website Theme

Price: free

Negotiate is also a popular consulting website template. This theme is full of different features, and it also sports all the latest trends and regulations to ensure smooth and steady operation.

6. Buson

Buson Consulting Website Template

Price: free

Buson is a modern consulting website template. It is the best decision if you are looking for a quick-start for your professional website. With Buson, you do not need to start building a business consulting website from scratch.

7. Consula

Consula Consulting Website Template

Price: free

Consula is also a free one-page consulting website template. This tool is well designed and follows all the current web-development regulations for your convenience.

8. Sigma

Sigma Consulting Website Template

Price: $49

Sigma is suitable for creating websites for consulting companies. It is fully responsive, has smooth animations, CMS for your blog, global swatches and more.

9. Buyan

Buyan consulting website template

Price: $49

Buyan is the perfect business and consulting template designed to easily run your services like business consulting. It is fully responsive, supports retina, has global font colors, page interactions and so on.

10. Sagitta

Sagitta Coaching Website Template

Price: $49

Sagitta template highly suitable for creating websites for consulting business. It is fully responsive, has smooth animations, CMS for your events and blog and global swatches.

11. Partner

Partner responsive Consulting website template

Price: $49

Partner template highly suitable for creating websites for consulting business. It has a fully adaptable color scheme, engaging interactions, and many other features.

12. Baudi

Baudi Consulting Website Template

Price: $49

Baudi has one page consulting website templates. It has many features like: 2 Homepages layouts, a lot of components, beautiful topography, inline possibilities, browser compatibility and more.

13. Management Company

Management Company consulting website template

Price: $75 for one site/ $229 for a membership per year

This is a clear but elegant template, which has perfect animation effects and more than 30 pre-made pages that allow you to save time and launch the project faster than you might think.

14. Titan

Titan consulting firm template

Price: free

Titan is a free one-page consulting website template that is well designed, with good navigation and perfect animation effects.

15. Treviso

Treviso free consulting website template

Price: free

Treviso is a clear and elegant consulting website template. It has an interesting design, and smooth navigation through the site.

16. Bino

Bino responsive Consulting website template

Price: free

Bino is a free consulting website template that is well designed, with good navigation and perfect animation effects.

Tips to Help You Book More Clients on your Consulting Website

1. Ask for referrals

Previous clients are probably the best way to attract new customers. If people like working with you, they will talk about your company/services to their friends.

2. Follow-up

Follow-up is another way to attract new clients. Maybe you have some people who were interested in your business or projects but never emailed you back.

3. Start your blog

Create a blog page on your website. There you can post different articles and answer the questions that clients have. It is a good way to attract new audiences by describing how users can solve problems that may arise.

4. Provide tutorials or E-books

One more way to attract new audiences is to create and post different tutorials, e-books, and so on. Thanks to this, you may help people better understand how it works and what they should do.

5. Make it easy

Make it easy for users to find useful information on your website. Put links on different social media near each other in such a way so users can find it. Make your site easy and useful — it is the best way to attract clients.

Create Your Consulting Website

Consulting websites are a good way to help your business. If you find a template suitable for you in our list, write to us and we will help you install it. And if you have your own design preferences, our web development team can develop it for you.

Create your website with one of the best consulting website design templates, and spread your company through the website.

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