Treat your site to Coffee to optimise work on it!

Nov 21, 2016
Treat your site to Coffee to optimise work on it!

Nowadays Drupal 8 is gathering more and more modules from Drupal 7 (Honeypot, Responsive and off-canvas menu, Paragraphs and others) and is preparing the Drupal’s latest release. This time we bring your attention to the Coffee Module.

How does the Coffee Module help?

Coffee helps you navigate in Drupal using your keyboard. A search box appears after pressing Alt+D (alt + ctrl + D in Windows Internet Explorer, alt + shift + D in Opera, the alternative alt + k). Then start typing the beginning of your request and the Coffee Module will look for an appropriate result in as few letters as possible. Choose a result with the arrow keys and press enter. Use the :add command to go immediately to the specific content creation page. Coffee will include anything you want to reach fast in your site. As Michael Mol said, “This allows you to find configuration pages and visit them at warp speed without using your mouse or trackpad.”

We know all the admin URL addresses on a regular basis. So, to create a post in blog, for example, we don’t do all the steps: Content > Add Content > Blog. We go right to the Now with Coffee in Drupal 8 and with a couple of keystrokes you get to anywhere on your resource. More than 13,000 sites have installed this module and enjoy the benefits of keyboard shortcuts.

Why is Coffee Module useful for you?

Press Alt+D, type & get to any page! “Coffee saves time and frustration for developers working on multiple versions and sites, as well as the content and other teams who work in a site’s backend every day. Once you've used Coffee, you really miss it when it's not installed,” said Michael Mol.

How Drupal 8 upgraded this Module?

Module building in Drupal 8 has changed a lot. Coffee gained a ‘Go to’ menu item on which you can click on to activate.

What perspectives are for Coffee?

Gábor Hojtsy proposes to review code and design, change the name of this module to correspond to the core, and substitute the current icon for more generic one. So, perhaps you will witness renovation in Drupal 8.3!

People say: good ideas start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee. Like the hot dark liquid, Coffee Module makes your site work rapidly and more efficient. So, don’t be slow to install!​ Our company will be eager to help you!

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