Top clients’ questions about designing a new website

Jul 29, 2020
clients’ questions about designing a new website

Top clients' questions about designing a new website can be of great value to your website, as it allows users to find answers to the most important questions that interest them.

The clients’ questions about designing a new website allow digital agencies to see what their customers are worried about.

We have received many questions from our clients every year that we’ve worked in the web development sphere.

Today, our Drupal development firm answered the top clients' questions about designing a new website that they asked Drudesk.

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The most popular client questions about designing a new website

Below, we cover the most common questions we receive from clients about designing a new website.

I want to launch a site and am deciding which CMS to choose, which CMS is the best?

Today, there are an extensive number of CMSs on which you can run your sites. The most common today are:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Wix

Having analyzed the whole variety of CMS, we came to the conclusion that Drupal is still the most convenient and functional one. 

Drupal is the best CMS, as it provides unlimited opportunities for website designing. On Drupal, you can build a site of any complexity. This can be a corporate website, a government website, an eCommerce website, and more.

Drupal gives you advantages such as: 

  • creation of sites for large institutions as well as for small ones
  • adaptability and optimization for any devices
  • the highest standard of protection for your sites!
  • flexible and simple content management system
  • great for any type of site
  • multilingual CMS that erases geographical boundaries
  • convenient editing of the site using the WYSIWYG function
  • the ability to expand the site by using free modules

And these are only the main advantages of Drupal CMS. Drupal is like a Lego constructor. Once you create a site, you can add modules and other functionality to give your site more features.

I have an idea for a future site. What is the next step I should do? 

The fact that you have an idea is already half the battle. The next step should be its implementation. 

Before designing a site, write down on paper the goal of your company, the tasks you want to achieve, and what functions should be on the future site, then set deadlines and a budget. 

This will give you and your development company a good framework for realizing your idea.

The next steps will include deciding on:

  • the best CMS (see the first question)
  • good domain names
  • suitable hosting provider
  • reliable development agency
  • proper marketing strategy
  • website support company

I have a limited budget, but I want to develop a website. Is there a chance to do so? And which platform should I choose?

Yes, you can. Even if you have a limited budget, you can very well launch a full site. 

The best option for today is the MVP.

MVP is a quickly created site with basic functions for all aspects of the market.

Do not think that MVP is a raw site! This is a version of the site that can already function normally and to which you can later add new features.

Three essentials steps of MVP development:

  1. first, you create requirements and a layout for your future site with a description of its full functionality
  2. then, you select only the main functions that should be on the site
  3. based on this, you create and launch your minimum viable product to the marketplace

How much does the website designing cost?    

The final cost of the site depends on which site you want to create and what functionality should be on it. If you want to create a site for a small business, then the cost will be different than, if you want to create a social network website like Facebook or build a website like Amazon

The cost of creating a site is calculated by:

  • the amount of time spent on its implementation
  • the number of team members for its development
  • a variation of features that should be on the site
  • and other additional factors

Therefore, it is logical that we cannot give you a clear cost since we do not know your wishes. Contact our project managers to calculate the cost of your future site.

I want to create an eCommerce website. Is Drupal suitable for an eCommerce site?

Of course it is suitable for an eCommerce site. We will even say, we think it's best to create an eCommerce website with Drupal.

As we have already said, the Drupal CMS has no restrictions.

We consider Drupal Commerce to be as thoughtful and modern as possible.

What are the main benefits you can get from Drupal Commerce:

  • content-driven commerce that is SEO friendly
  • additional modules, without overloading the site
  • a large number of attractive themes to increase the visual appeal
  • connected to any software, via a REST API
  • integration with more than 80 payment gateways
  • optimization for any devices
  • the ability to sell digital products
  • super speeds for the site
  • and much more

Which are the most popular sites made with Drupal?

As we have noted more than once, the possibilities of Drupal are unlimited, and with the help of this CMS, you can create any sites.

For example, you can create the following types of sites:

Oxford University, Harvard University

French Government

  • eCommerce sites

Tesla, Guerlain

  • News and media websites

The Economist

And this is not the whole list. Working on Drupal, you can really create any type of site.

I want my site to appear higher in Google searches. What can I do? (I do not want to pay an SEO agency monthly)

In order not to pay every month for SEO agencies, you can do SEO audit

This audit will show you:

  • what problems you have on the site
  • what slows down the site 
  • what you need to change to increase your rating in search engine results

Alternatively, you can try our SEO tips to rank higher.

In addition, do not forget that low positions in the search may be related to website performance.

Is it possible to quickly develop a site, without spending all the money in the world?

Of course it is possible. Due to the fact that Drupal works on the basis of implementation packages, you can build a website quickly and "without spending all the money in the world" :)

With these already existing components, the time spent on the development of your site can be reduced. The cool thing is that you yourself can continue to develop the site and add sub-pages without hiring a team and spending money.

If I need to add modules later, how much will they cost? Will additional modules be free or will I have to pay extra?

It all depends on your technical skills. Now let us explain what this means. 

Since the Drupal community is one of the largest in the world, there are, accordingly, a lot of free modules and solutions to your problems.

If you need to add some kind of module, then you can:

  • install the module yourself
  • seek help from Drupal web development agency

The price of a custom module will already depend on the complexity of its development and the features that it will perform. Unfortunately, we cannot name the exact amount.

Contact us to find out how much the implementation of your idea will cost. 

Why is Drudesk the best agency for website designing?

Drudesk is the best agency for website designing at least for 4 reasons:

  1. We've analyzed clients' questions about designing a new website and know what concerns them.
  2. We have 5-years of successful experience in creating various types of sites on Drupal.
  3. We learned how to perform your tasks twice as fast as we once did, at the expense of sharing your tasks at the stage of their processing.
  4. You get a high-quality completion of your tasks on time.

Do not hesitate with website building, because without a site you are losing potential customers.

We hope you find our answers helpful. Have a question? Just contact web desinging agency.

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