What types of business should implement call tracking and why?

Jan 19, 2017
What types of business should implement call tracking and why?

Do you want to check whether spending your money for online advertising was justified? 

Do you want to find outwhich ad proved to be the most effective? Do you want to know where to invest in the future in order to increase traffic to your site and gain more clients? If yes, then you should replace a phone number(s) on your website with a tracking number. Call tracking is one of the methods of web analytics that allows you to track phone call conversions. Phone calls from customers are unavoidable for many companies in many spheres, but not for all of them. Below there are types of business that must implement call tracking in any case, along with the arguments why.

Top businesses that need call tracking:

Home repair services

If your company provides windows and door installation, flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, landscape designing, house cleaning and so on, you should definitely track incoming calls.

A common conversion path looks like this: a potential customer is googling, for example, ‘window installation,’ clicks on a few results to compare, and calls to a chosen agency to schedule a time and other details of a deal. So it’s important to know what encourages the calls that convert new customers. You need to know which keywords are most searched by the clients, which web resources direct them to your company’s site, and which advertisement is the most effective.

Real estate sale

Buying (or renting) a place to live is a deliberate decision and a large expenditure, thus people obviously don’t complete such purchases by just clicking on ‘buy now’ button in online store, like they do when buying clothes, accessory, equipment and so on. When people are seriously interested in moving to a new house or apartment, they are probably going to connect with the real estate agent with the help of a telephone.

Real estate salespeople usually work a definite territory, and gain clients from the cities and countrysides near them. Call tracking will help to find out more about clients’ peculiarities.

Travel and hospitality industry

If you own a traveling agency or a hotel, you’ll agree that phone calls are useful for the booking process. To inspire travelers to call, you must have spent funds and time to create ads and place them on different sites across the Internet. However, all marketing efforts will go in vain if you don’t implement a method for call tracking. It allows you to identify the original websites from which people came. With this information, you can focus on those the most effective channels to interest future clients.


If you work in the medical field, for example, as a dentist, patients’ visits are often preceded by phone calls. They are caused by the need to clear up some case-specific questions which are not covered on the website, and to book appointments. Without call tracking, the value of conversions will be lost.

Legal occupation

If you are a lawyer, you will always have a lot of competition. Thus, each new client, each new phone call is highly valuable. Attorneys are implementing all possible innovations to bring their names to the public’s attention. So, if you want prospective clients to be aware of your service and contact you on demand, you must use all possible ways to advertise your business. However, you can’t take full advantage of ads without using call tracking along with it.

IT & SaaS

There are also plenty of phone calls received by companies dealing with information technology and​ software as a service (or on-demand software). Offerings from those companies are commonly complicated. Content presented on their sites can’t give answers to all company specific questions, which have to be answered by a human via a phone conversation rather than via online correspondence. So, track calls to effectively estimate and update pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

So, if your business was mentioned in this article, a call tracking method should be an inseparable part of your overall marketing campaign.​ The Drudesk team is always ready to help you benefit from any progressive technology.

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