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Nowadays, companies are applying Software-as-a-Service model to just about everything, from core business functions, including IT, to industry-specific processes. Have you ever thought about building your own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business?

Since more and more businesses are moving to SaaS, you also can create your own service by using Drupal. In this article we will discuss Drupal’s possibilities as a Software as a Service and its benefits. We have a recipe for your success!

What Is SaaS?

Let’s start from the very beginning. Software as a Service (SaaS) can be any cloud service where consumers are able to access software applications over the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you work individually or in organization, you can use SaaS for a wide range of tasks. Google and Facebook are examples of SaaS. Software as a Service is not a traditional software application because you don’t have to download it on your computer and you rent, rather than buy it. Now that you understand the term better, let’s move further.

Using Drupal for SaaS

Drupal is highly empowered with contributed modules, so it is capable of doing everything you want. First and foremost, Drupal can be impressively fast – right from installing it to adding modules of varying complexities. All your ideas and wishes can be implemented with quick customizations and a rich variety of modules available.

If you eventually decide to choose Drupal for your SaaS, you may be sure that your service will be a high quality and not vulnerable to crashes. You could rely on any number of well managed modules in Drupal to get the job done!

We believe that Drupal is an excellent platform for building OpenSaaS businesses. This platform is mature, and aims at delivering an exceptional user experience. Drupal is a powerful enough framework to build and support web services.

Examples of SaaS Business Products Build on Drupal

To not waste time, let’s look at two robust SaaS products build on Drupal:

  1. Indivizo. This service was created to make recruiting easier. Here you can make different interview plans and watch recorded video interviews anywhere and anytime. 
  2. ERPAL Platform. A platform can be used to build e-commerce systems as well as SaaS or standalone business applications.

Set Up Your Own Agile SaaS Product

Drupal is about agility, flexibility and endurance. The huge variety of modules and multiple tools available can help you kick off your SaaS with remarkable speed. The more the framework allows developer to do, the more functional your product will be. Finally, ideas matters. So if you have one, don’t waste your time and let our Drupal team implement it for you!

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