Bugs in web development: do you need a web support team for bug fixing?

Jul 11, 2019
Why is bug fixing important?

The question that is on the mind of every website owner is whether he needs a web support team for bug fixes, or whether it is enough to hire freelance developers from time to time for website maintenance services. Today, the team at Drudesk sorts things out.

Why is bug fixing important?

You expect your platform to work flawlessly, but suddenly discover bugs in it. Sounds familiar? Bugs create difficulties in the user experience or can even completely block the main functionality. Any bug is a real headache. Although some of them may be easily fixed within half an hour, none of them should be ignored.

Even a small bug can cause issues that will be too expensive to fix later. That’s why you should have a web support team onboard who will monitor your website all the time and eliminate any errors or bugs as soon as they occur.

Types of bugs in web development

Bugs are going to happen, no matter how good the web developers are. It is important to understand the types of bugs in order to focus on the more dangerous ones first and organize the bug fixing process right. Without it, you may start fixing the wrong issues.

types of bugs in web development

Bugs by priority

The priority of bug fixes varies as follows:

  • High: The bug must be fixed ASAP.
  • Medium: The bug fix can be postponed for a small period of time.
  • Low: The bug fix can wait.

Bugs by severity

This gradation may vary but the general one is from ‘Critical’ to ‘Minor’:

  • Critical bugs (S1)

This bug may block critical functionality or even be a cause of a website’s crash.

  • Major bugs (S2)

This bug damage is less critical but still very important functionality.

  • Minor bugs (S3)

The bug affects minor functionality, and it is easy to bypass.

  • Trivial bugs (S4)

This type of bug doesn’t affect any functionality, just causes some inconvenience.

Website Bug Fixing Services by Drudesk

If your website is hit by a bug, Drudesk web support agency will resolve all the issues quickly. We can easily fix all types of bugs, even critical ones, as we have extensive experience in delivering high-quality support services. Relax, contact Drudesk, and we’ll clean up your platform. If you have any questions about our bug fixing services, reach out to us. We’ll provide you with a free quote regarding your specific case. Listed below are the most common issues we can fix:

  • Drupal errors and bugs
  • CSS issues
  • PHP errors
  • mobile responsive issues
  • HTML issues

and more!

Do not delay bug fixing on your website!

Bug fixing should be your priority. If left without proper maintenance, your website would pile up with bugs that, in turn, would lead to an inevitable crash.

Think about your site functionality and security in advance and hire a team of Drudesk web support specialists who will take care of those annoying bugs!

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