The Brightcove Video Connect module for Drupal 8

Mar 09, 2017
The Brightcove Video Connect module for Drupal 8

As you know, a web resource containing only textual content looks boring and requires more of a visitors’ time to process its information.

By implementing video, you’ll increase the attractiveness of your site and therefore the average time spent by users on it. Thus, we have previously proposed you video content marketing tips and tricks and video format recommendations. Now we present a Drupal 8 module called Brightcove Video Connect to help you host and manage video content on your website.

How can The Brightcove Video Connect help you?

Many owners of multimedia sites all over the world have chosen Drupal because it is a convenient platform to manage different types of content on. Drupal 8 is ready to meet the growing requirements of complex media sites. The Brightcove company, an online video hosting platform, made its contribution to this open source CMS by creating and maintaining the Brightcove Video Connect module.

If you have an account or several accounts in the Brightcove video cloud, this module allows you to work with your new and old videos and playlists, namely to upload them, store, watch and examine them, choose which one you want use and more. It also enables the video player to be shown on your site’s pages and in modal dialogues. The Brightcove Video Connect module takes care of metadata as well. You can fill in your video title, short description, tags and even custom fields. This metadata can later be displayed on your site.

If you have your site built on Drupal and execute video clouds, this module’s integration opportunities allow you to publish your video content and manage it more easily. This is especially useful if you have more than one person responsible for creating the content, uploading it to the cloud, editing it, approving it and finally publishing a video on a live web resource. They can work with the video content using a common Drupal environment.

How did Drupal 8 change this module?

The Brightcove Video Connect module was completely rewritten for Drupal 8. Much of code was reduced and simplified to not duplicate the basic functionality of some other D8 media modules, both core and contribs, which can already provide you with needed features. The greatest focus was on the possibility to connect to the Brightcove video cloud through the Views API and to integrate with the Clarify service for adding captions to videos.

Try the Brightcove Video Connect module on your website to manage your video content more efficiently.​ Let us know if you have any questions about installing or using this module.

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