What video format is better for your website

Nov 24, 2016
What video format is better for your website

It's very important to know what type of video will be best for your website. You might know which type of articles and pictures will be posted, but what about video content? We are here to answer your questions.

So here are some useful tips and tricks that show you what the best format is for your website.

Useful information about the video formats

There are some nuances when choosing the best video format for Internet publishing. That's why we recommend you remember these three criteria for picking the best video format for your online needs.

  1. Media size. The file size is an important factor. You need to optimize your videos, but maintaining a balance between quality and file size is a must.
  2. File compatibility. You may have some difficulties with downloading media files to your website. That's why you need to choose which formats are suitable for your website.
  3. File extension. At this stage, it is recommended you understand who is visiting your website. If you have an entertainment website, you can pick up a smaller extension. It is better to choose bigger extension if you own a movie website.

You can use these methods to pick a video format for online playback.

To help you choose, we’ve included some information about the various video formats.

Defining the best video format


MP4 fully supports HTML protocol. Moreover, it is one of the oldest formats available. The first version debuted in 2001. MP4 became popular when digital television started replacing mechanical tapes.

YouTube recommends users pick MP4. In fact, it supports many formats, but then converts them to MP4 or FLV.


Avi was introduced by Microsoft in October 1992. This format can hold different types of data, such as Divx video and WMA audio. In fact everything depends on the codec that is used for encoding/decoding media file. Avi is widely used by internet users. Pay attention to this Microsoft solution if you want good resolution and a medium file size for your videos.


WebM is a 100% open source project. This format debuted in 2010 and was made for Internet users. WebM provides the best quality video, and it can regulate the extension according to the strength of Internet connection.

Despite its recent creation, WebM has some technical problems with HTML5 browsers. However, WebM is 100% compatible with Google Chrome and Android devices.


Windows Media Video, or WMV, is popular among Internet users. WMV offers users one of the smallest sized media files. You cannot expect much quality from this format because these videos are highly compressed, but despite this, they are not so bad.

WMV files can be a real advantage for entertainment or news websites. Everything depends on users needs and necessities. We recommend paying attention to this format if you want small files with medium extension.


WebVTT format was introduced in order to be the best format for the Internet. WebM was launched in 2010 W3S (Consortium World Wide Web), and in fact, it is one of its biggest advantages.

The W3C created WebVTT directly from its own HTML standard. The cross-platform support of WebVTT should be considered by people who are choosing a video format for own website.

What video format to pick up

You have read some tips for choosing the most effective video format for online viewing. But what if you don’t have any experience with this? Who can help you?

Contact our company — we are ready to give you step-by-step instructions for setting up media content for your resource. Just send us an email and tell us how we can help you.

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