5 Reasons to Choose Drupal for Your E-commerce Website

Mar 24, 2016
Drupal for Your E-commerce Website

Much ink has been spilled about which open-source e-commerce platform is the best. Of course, when it comes to starting an online store, there are many things to take into consideration, the first being which platform to use. So while you are looking for a cutting edge solution, here are 5 reasons why should choose Drupal for your E-commerce website.

Reasons why you should choose Drupal for Your E-commerce Website:

1. Combine an E-Commerce Platform & Powerful Content Management System

Content marketing is a popular SEO strategy, since Google wants to see rich content on every webpage. And here’s when Drupal comes to the rescue.

Drupal Commerce is a versatile system. You don’t have to download an e-commerce platform and a CMS separately anymore. The Drupal Commerce platform is integrated with Drupal CMS, which enables you to work with content effortlessly and drive online sales via a rich user experience. E-commerce websites need to do more than just take orders. By constantly updating blogs and adding new products you will be able to attract users and keep your visitors in your online store. All these features are easy to include to your web-store when it is integrated with the Drupal e-commerce platform.

2. Build Your Own Catalog

You can organize, tag, add or remove items from product lists automatically (you are able to build traditional catalog-like user experience). When you want to display your products, you can choose from a number of beautiful styles (e. g. tables, grids, lists) and each product can have an original, customized look. Just try to get your visitors engaged in your website and don’t worry if you have a lot of products, Drupal will take care of it, and users will enjoy browsing your store!

3. Manage Your Orders

The steady and easy-to-use Drupal interface is customized to fit your needs. Its toolset allows you to manage products, orders and customers as well as update and view them. You can also send update notifications with the help of a site if you want to.

4. Take Control Using Website Optimization with Drupal

With Drupal you will be able to control your website analytics, SEO and conversion rate optimization. Here you can write SEO-friendly URLs, which are much better than automatically generated ones.

5. Feel Free to Choose Any Payment Mode & Currency

Current market needs demand great flexibility and your website should follow these requirements by supporting multiple payment methods. Drupal accepts payment through PayPal, Realex Payments, Stripe, SagePay, WorldPay and many other systems. It's also possible for your customers to choose their preferred payment method from your list.

Do you want a website handling multiple currencies? No problem, building an e-commerce website with Drupal will let your platform work in a dual currency manner (e.g. transactions can be made either in euros or dollars).


These are, in our opinion, the 5 main reasons why you should choose Drupal for your ecommerce website!

Creating an e-commerce site with Drupal will help you to achieve all that you desire from a professional e-commerce site. Content marketing, website optimization, orders management, different payment modes and a possibility to build your own catalog are irreplaceable for an e-commerce platform. Start working with Drupal and you will see that it is not just about words, this top-notch platform is really good at most things!

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