3D elements in web design — 10 beautiful website examples

May 23, 2019
3D graphic design

There are plenty of ways to charm and engage your website users.

In the mission of catching the user’s attention and increasing average session duration, modern web design techniques play a key role. One of these is using 3D elements in web design. Read on to discover more about 3D design, its benefits, and see magnetically attractive website examples.

3D design benefits: 3 dimensions of attraction

The essence of 3D is the interpretation of data as three-dimensional objects on the computer screen. The importance of 3D graphics have been recognized in the movie and gaming industry, architecture, medicine, science, engineering, and more.

3D elements in web design are at the peak of popularity, and here are at least a few reasons why:

  1. 3D design is more eye-catching, inspiring, and engaging than flat, two-dimensional design. 3D elements include anything from 3D images to mini games.
  2. 3D elements in web design offer a realistic look and create a feeling of physical presence. In addition to inspiring the customer, 3D design can help them make informed decisions. For example, they can assess the product’s properties.
  3. 3D has a modern and a little bit of a futuristic touch, which enhances interest in your brand and the overall impression.

Great site examples with 3D elements in web design


Our examples of 3D design for websites begin with the Gridics real estate data platform created by our parent company — InternetDevels. Its integrated 3D map with 3D buildings helps real estate and urban planning experts assess property objects in a variety of ways.

3D elements in web design - gridics

gridics 3d design website

Campo Alle Comete

The Campo Alle Comete website is designed to advertise an Italian wine with the same name. Is shows a floating city in 3D, which helps it inspire users and tell the brand’s story.

campo alle comete 3d design website

White Void

Among the examples of 3D design for websites is the White Void, where we see very interesting 3D menus that allow users to navigate through the company’s portfolio.

white void 3d design website

white void 3d design website

Play Maps Cube

The Play Maps Cube site offers an interactive 3D game in which users can travel through New York, Tokyo, and other cities and learn useful Google Maps features.

play maps cube 3d design website

Kia ProCeed Bold Move

The Kia ProCeed Bold Move website combines 3D modelling and real-life pictures, which allows it to take users on a breath-taking virtual car tour.

kia proceed bold move 3d design website


This Whaou! website with 3D graphics invites users to create their own recipes by selecting ingredients. It all happens in a very engaging and interactive way.

whaou 3d design website

Marc Mendell

The site for Marc Mendell — artist, designer, and creative thinker — is an example of how ordinary gadgets may look especially elegant and impressive in 3D design.

marc mendell 3d design website

marc mendell 3d design website


The Jackie website says it is “the new standard in styling,” but the same applies to its design. There is probably no better way to present clothes than 3D elements in web design.

jackie 3d design website

World Draw

The World Draw 3D website, launched in 2018, attracts creative people from across the globe. They can sketch something, turn it into an object, explore the world, and play games.  

world draw 3d design website

Happy 2019 Challenge

Happy 2019 Challenge is an interactive site that helps users define their goals and expectations for the year. It is full of interesting 3D graphics.

happy 2019 challenge 3d design website

Let your website benefit from 3D graphic design!

What about you — what are your goals or challenges for 2019? Reaching more success with the help of your site could be a nice one!

So turn your attention to modern design technologies like 3d elements in web design. Another name for 3D could be “DruDesk Designers”! The creativity and professionalism of our experts will let them create amazing design for your site.

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